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Did you know that we opened the first Srumdiddly’s Irish Ice Cream Shop in Donabate in 2012 & our customers have been queuing around the block ever since! Dun Laoghaire opened in 2014, followed by Kilkenny in 2017. We serve over 100,000 litres of ice cream every year across our 3 Scrumdiddly’s Shops. Our Arnotts Christmas pop-up shop in Dublin City has proven to be very popular with shoppers of all ages for the past 4 years.

Everyone loves the Scrumdiddly’s experience from the young to the not so little children. We’re a family favourite, a treat for all! In 2019 we’re giving our Dun Laoghaire shop a makeover & franchising Ireland’s leading Irish Ice Cream brand. If you’re interested in becoming a Franchise Partner of Scrumdiddly’s please see our Franchising Process, review the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, complete the enquiry form below & we will contact you directly. Many thanks.

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The Process

We take great care to partner with the right franchisees: people who share our vision, and the determination to operate a successful Scrumdiddly's shop. Our selection process involves the following steps:
Application Form

Once you have contacted us with your interest in a Scrumdiddly's franchise, we will ask you to fill out an application form detailing your previous work and business history, areas of interest, specific location and available funding. If our requirements match, we will move on to the next stage together.

Meet and Greet - Scrumdiddly's Tour

At this stage, we will meet with you to discuss your objectives and plan for a Scrumdiddly's Franchise. We will give you the guided tour and explain our franchise model in more detail. We will follow this up by an area and site evaluation for your store.

Finance Submission

Once your business plan and area/site is provisionally approved, we require you to submit your financials for review, to ensure that you are financially prepared to open a Scrumdiddly's Franchise.


Once we have reached agreement between both parties, the Heads of Terms is sent, inviting you to pay a franchisee fee deposit, confirming the official engagement of both parties.

Site and Financing Secured

At this point you must ensure your financing is secured and that your site is approved and the lease signed.

Signing the Franchise Agreement

Once the site is secured, both parties sign the franchise agreement, making you an official Scrumdiddly's Franchisee. The balance of the initial franchise fee is paid on signing the franchise agreement.

Initial Training and Scrumdiddly's Orientation

We will provide a full training programme for you, your manager and assistant at one of our stores. This will run for a minimum period of 2 weeks.

New Store Opening (NSO)

Our Franchise Community Manager will assist your new Scrumdiddly's project from the initial orientation to serving your first customer! We help you recruit staff and train them. We'll be by your side during the opening process and support you on an ongoing basis with training, product development, purchasing, operations, financial management and Local Store Marketing.

Franchise Enquiry

To open a Scrumdiddly's shop, the turnkey capital cost will be approximately €80k to €100k. This includes a provision for working capital.

Royalty 6% of net sales weekly in spring and summer. 5% of net sales weekly in autumn and winter. Marketing contribution is 1% of net sales.

What we look for in franchisees is strong leadership, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. We recommend that at least one owner – or a designated manager – be involved on a full-time basis, managing day-to-day operations. Previous experience in the retail sector is also considered a great advantage.

The franchisee will need to submit the location of the prospective ice cream shop, and the location needs to be available and have planning permission for retail or coffee shop use. The neighbourhood should be a busy trading area or in the heart of a large residential/mixed business area. Good parking within the locality should also be considered. With ice cream a family favourite Scrumdiddly's appeals to just about every age group, ranging from 5 to 65. University campuses, town centres & office complexes with young professionals are all potential locations.

It is the franchisee’s responsibility to identify suitable premises – we will assist and advise during the process.

  • Optimum Shop Frontage is 6.50m.
  • Minimum Footprint is 90 square metres for a stand-alone unit.
  • Optimum Footprint is 100 square metres for a stand-alone unit.
  • Preferably on one level (ground floor).
  • Access - front door, rear delivery door.
  • External provisions for refuse.
  • Car Parking - on street or dedicated car park within 100 metres.
  • Provision for some outside seating preferably at front of unit.
  • Planning consent for retail or coffee shop.

Franchise training takes an intensive two weeks of on-site practical work the franchise fee is payable for pre-training. We will conduct quality audits on a regular basis.

You are free to engage your own contractors to build your Scrumdiddly's shop to our approved designs and specifications. However, Scrumdiddly's has a list of approved contractors you are more than welcome to consider.

Once the location is agreed & the franchise agreement is signed it takes 6 weeks to build a Scrumdiddly's shop & implement our NSO (New Store Opening plan).

The franchisee purchases the core offerings from an Authorised Supplier Programme with the supply of ingredients paid for on a weekly basis.

It is paid on a weekly basis.

Financial rewards vary depending on sales, location, traffic and operating costs, financing terms, your ability to manage and control your business and other factors. Prospective franchisees are obliged to conduct their own independent investigation prior to signing any franchise agreement. During the interview process, prospective franchise owners will have access to trading accounts.

Yes – converting an existing shop into a Scrumdiddly's ice cream shop may also have cost benefits in terms of fit-out.

Yes – we will email you a brochure once we’ve received your initial franchise enquiry and talked with you.

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